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Kyoto Mizuna

Kyoto Mizuna

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Originally from Kyoto, Japan, this gem of a salad green grows very quickly and has a mild, sweet flavour with a light tang. Very cold tolerant. Minimum 500 mg per packet. 


  • Mizuna can be planted in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked
  • Plant seeds 1/4“ deep and space them roughly 4-6” apart
  • It may be harvested as a baby leaf, but if larger plants are desired, thin to 8" apart
  • Mizuna will bolt/go to seed when the weather gets hot
  • To get a fall harvest, plant a second crop in late summer

Seed Care Instructions

Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry, dark, place. Ideal long-term storage temperature is 4-10 degrees Celsius, or under 20 degrees Celsius for short-term storage.

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What's inside:

In addition to hand-drawn artwork, each packet contains an information card with basic growing instructions, and a water-resistant glassine envelope to keep your seeds safe until you're ready to use them.